John Deere is an American company that is particularly known as the developer and manufacturer of machines for construction, agriculture and forestry. But the company also supplies diesel engines and powertrains (such as shafts, transmissions and gearboxes) for shipping.

The plough and the tractor

In 1836, a blacksmith called John Deere settled in Grand Detour, Illinois. Not entirely voluntarily, though: he faced a bankruptcy in Vermont. Nevertheless, this man was about to create an invention that would change agriculture considerably.

In 1837, Deere developed a steel plough. This extremely strong plough made the heavy soil in the central and western parts of the United States interesting as agricultural land. It caused an enormous amount of migration to those areas. Before Deere's invention, most farmers used wooden or iron ploughs ,which could only be used to process light soils.

In 1912, the company made another agricultural advance: it developed a motorized 'tractor'. Working horses were no longer needed in agriculture. The invention of the tractor was a good move, because John Deere became the largest manufacturer of agricultural machines in the world.

Moline, Illinois, USA

The head office of John Deere is in Moline, Illinois. The John Deere brand is listed on the NYSE. In 2014, approximately 67,000 people worked for the company worldwide. John Deere is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery worldwide.


John Deere specializes in maritime diesel engines and generator drives for shipping with a capacity of 56 kW to 559 kW (75 hp to 750 hp). John Deere also supplies components and powertrains.

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